Wills Mckenna

Finding patterns through computing and music. Software engineer, musician.


More Info About the Projects

Movie Data Base project in Java. Developed while taking SE450 at Depaul University. Use of MVC design pattern with over 40 classes. link to GitHub below

Maze game made with JavaScript, HTML, and a little bit of CSS. I utilized the Matter JS library- a very cool way to emulate gravity and realistic physical movements of objects in space.

This is a fully functioning blockchain implemented in Java. The program starts up three processes that compete with each other to verify blocks of data that come in through text input. Link to github:

An amazon clone, called 5ECommerce, I made working with a group of four other developers. Created using the Java Spring Boot framework with Postgres and Bootstrap.

YelpCamp website using Node JS, Express, CSS, HTML, MongoDB, and deployed on Heroku. User authentication is used so that users can create reviews and post new campsites.

A game called Lights Out, that I made with React. The game is very difficult to win!

An app called Emaily, where users can send surveys through email to their customers to get feedback. Used MongoDB, Express, React, and Node stack! Comes with google oauth and a payment feature.

Elevator app. Made in python with the tkinter gui library. Can download the exe file from my github!

A java program that outputs the 10 most common words of a text. Uses Pipe-And-Filter design pattern

MyTix- a movie and concert ticketing application that allows users to sell and buy tickets. Microservice app made with Docker and Kubernetes, and written in Typescript

This is the initial COVID-19 web mapping application I have been working on with DePaul University. Landing page made with React, and two map dashboards that use Python and Javascript APIs.

This project involves creating a machine learning classifier to predict if an executable is malware or not. Developed using python.